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Industrial split oil, gas and dual fuel burners

TB split series

The TB series is a split burner, suitable for large-scale applications (such as district heating, hospitals, etc.), and also matches hot water boilers, steam furnaces and heat transfer oil furnaces. Used in food, chemical, textile and other industries. TB series can provide electronic or mechanical proportional burners according to customer needs. The TB 9-12-16-20 is equipped with a pistol. Combustion support in the standard configuration of the TB series. The air temperature can be preheated to 250°C. The new adjustable geometry burner head enables NOx emissions of less than 80mg when burning natural gas. TB3-TB20 models are all hinged to facilitate maintenance of the combustion head. As part of the offer, there are different accessories available (fans, control panels, high pressure gas manifolds, etc.).
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