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Single stage oil burner

TG/1 series

TG series light oil burners are specially developed for some household users with special requirements. There are 5 models in the series, with outputs ranging from 35 - 305 KW, in five different configurations. All types of burners are easy to install and adjust, and their smaller volumes are suitable for various boilers currently on the market. All TG series burners are rigorously tested before leaving the factory.

Two stage fuel burner

TL/2 series

The output range of TL series burners is 154 to 2700 kW, suitable for various low and medium temperature hot water boilers, hot air and steam generators, and heat transfer oil furnaces. All models are suitable for burning light oil and biodiesel blends with a light oil and biodiesel content of not more than 5%. The adjustment method is "two-stage fire"; the burner is equipped with a microelectronic control box, which can provide the operating status and fault feedback information of the burner. The specially designed air supply system ensures that the operating noise of the burner is kept to a minimum. Improvements in fan performance and combustion head guarantee flexibility of use and optimum operation in the work area. Some advanced designs of the burner make the burner smaller and more convenient to use and maintain. Additional options ensure that the burner's functionality can be upgraded at any time.

Three stage fuel burner

DG series

The output range of DG series burners is 712- 5340kw. There are two types of burners in this series, which can be well matched with boilers with pressure hearth. Due to the characteristics of this series of burners, they can be used in many practical cycles and regular heat loads, such as business and industrial fields. A three-stage adjustable hydraulic cylinder system is used to adjust the opening of the windshield, according to the required output, and the air volume of Taojie; through fine-tuning, each working point can be guaranteed the most stable combustion.
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