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DLS 410-610-800/E FGR burner

DLS 410-610-800/E FGR

The DLS 410-610-800/E FGR burner includes its characteristic one-piece construction; this means that all necessary components are combined in one unit, making installation easier and faster. Burners range from 640 to 6155 dry watts, and they are designed for use with thousand hot water boilers or industrial steam generators.

proportional gas burner

DS/M-BLU series

The output range of DS/M BLU series burners is 44 - 2400 kW, suitable for medium and low temperature hot water boilers, hot water or steam boilers, and heat transfer oil furnaces. The burner is in the "smooth two-stage fire" operation mode, and a PID ratio regulator and corresponding probe can also be installed to realize the "proportional adjustment" operation mode. The DS/M BLU series burners ensure efficient system operation in a variety of applications, reducing fuel consumption and operating costs. The unique design of the burner reduces the size of the equipment, making it easy to use and maintain. Specially designed air duct loops and the use of sound-absorbing materials greatly reduce noise emissions. A wide range of optional accessories enhances the flexibility of equipment operation.

RX full premix combustion technology

DOWSON Ultra low nitrogen

Full premixed combustion, which belongs to surface combustion. Gas and air are pre-mixed uniformly before entering the combustion head. The shape of the combustion head is a metal cylinder, and the metal wire mesh (made of special alloy) made by Dawson's special technology of "seamless weaving thread" is wrapped on the surface of the metal cylinder. Full premix combustion, the flame is only generated on the surface of the burner, the flame The actual size is the same as the size of the combustion head. Therefore, the full premix burner does not require a larger furnace size and can still achieve perfect combustion in a small furnace.

Industrial split oil, gas and dual fuel burners

TB/E FGR split series

The TB series is a split burner, suitable for large-scale applications (such as district heating, hospitals, etc.), and also matches hot water boilers, steam furnaces and heat transfer oil furnaces. Used in food, chemical, textile and other industries. TB series can provide electronic or mechanical proportional burners according to customer needs. The TB 9-12-16-20 is equipped with a pistol. Combustion support in the standard configuration of the TB series. The air temperature can be preheated to 250°C. The new adjustable geometry burner head enables NOx emissions of less than 80mg when burning natural gas. TB3-TB20 models are all hinged to facilitate maintenance of the combustion head. As part of the offer, there are different accessories available (fans, control panels, high pressure gas manifolds, etc.).

Single stage gas burner

DS/1-BLU series

DS series single-stage burners are low NOx emission products, developed for some users with special needs, and meet the requirements of most pollution emission standards. This series of burners is available in 5 different models, with outputs ranging from 16-330 kW, in four different configurations. High quality manufacturing standards guarantee safe operation of the burner. The burner is equipped with a microprocessor based flame control panel with fault diagnostics.

proportional gas burner

DS/M BLU series

Dawson DS2-5/M series smooth two-stage fire and proportional adjustment gas burners are low NOx emission products. This series of burners is specially developed to meet various home heating needs, while meeting the most stringent pollution emission standards.

Single stage gas burner

TS/1 series

The output range of TS/1 series burners is 70-550 kW, suitable for medium and low temperature hot water boilers, hot air or steam boilers, and heat transfer oil boilers. The burner is 'single stage' with a microprocessor panel that provides operational indication and fault cause diagnosis. The specially designed air inlet circuit ensures optimum noise emissions. Improved fan and combustion head performance guarantees flexibility of use and individual Good operation at plant output.
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