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Textile industry

The textile industry is currently one of the fastest growing and most influential industries in the world. Similar to other industries, the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry is also facing many difficulties. At present, western developed countries have shifted from labor-intensive industries in the early stage to capital- and technology-intensive industries. The focus of the world's textile industry is constantly shifting to Asia. The total number of spindles in China and India has accounted for nearly half of the world, and the Asian cotton textile production center with China and India as the center has been formed.

In recent years, textile enterprises in some Southeast Asian countries such as Pakistan, Indonesia, and Vietnam have adopted the OEM development model and continuously improved their deep processing capabilities by relying on their higher labor quality and lower labor cost advantages, forming a large market scale.

However, due to the backwardness of technology, even though most companies in these countries have introduced advanced equipment from Europe and the United States, they still cannot change the current situation of backward technology and low productivity in the industry as a whole. Digital and intelligent transformation is imperative.

The rapid development of the industry also brings environmental problems. The European Union has ordered a ban on discarding textile waste and requires member states to start special recycling of textiles from 2025. The textile industry is also gradually undergoing new changes. Currently, it is characterized by intelligence, greenness and ubiquity, and technologies are emerging in the form of platform, agglomeration and integration. Information technology, textile technology, material technology, and environmental protection technology are integrated with each other, and the speed of technological innovation in the industry is accelerated. The traditional low-efficiency and high-emission burners are naturally constrained, and replacement is also a trend.

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